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Lab processing: Subsampling and sorting

A representative subsample reduces the material, which is further to be processed.

enlarge picture Subsampling

In contrast to the method, which is presently applied in Germany, we suggest to sort the samples in the lab rather than in the field. For large samples, subsampling is mandatory. The subsample must fulfil the following criteria:

In a first step, the sample is separated into a coarse fraction (> 2 mm), which is further processed, and a fine fraction (< 2 mm), which is not regarded.

The coarse fraction is sorted completely without magnification. Sorted specimens are counted (at least 350 specimens) and separated by taxonomic groups, which are preserved in separate vials.

For a detailed description see the final report of the project

Standardisation of Sampling and Data Evaluation of Benthic Invertebrate Samples in Rivers“.

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